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Products and Services

Savings Services

Main Savings Account
The Main Savings account is your membership account and has a minimum balance requirement of $25.

Sub Savings Accounts
You can have many different Sub Savings accounts, these accounts can be savings accounts for vacation, college, taxes or any other reason you can think of. These accounts can be helpful to build special savings or for budgeting.

Christmas Account
Our Christmas Account is very flexible, no minimum deposit requirements; it can be started at anytime and withdrawn at anytime.

24 Hour Telephone Teller
Call 24 hours a day to make transfers, listing of checks cleared, deposits, ATM withdrawals and ACH transactions.

ATM Cards
ATM Cards can be used anywhere the CO-OP, Cirrus, Star or Pulse symbols are displayed. Transactions on the CO-OP network are free; transactions outside the CO-OP network are $1.00 per transaction. Daily withdrawals are limited to $300.

ATM Machines
Mercy Credit Union owns and operates machines in the following Springfield locations; Mercy Hospital, Mercy Surgery Center, Smith, Glynn, Calloway Clinic, and Mercy Hospital, Lebanon.

VISA Debit Card
Our Debit Card is two cards in one, when used for paying for services or merchandise, swipe your card, press credit and sign for the transaction. A signature transaction is backed by VISA with zero member liability and your daily limit is $999.99 or your balance whichever is less and you can make up to 9 transactions per day. Your Debit Card used as an ATM card to get cash requires a PIN. A PIN based transaction has a daily limit of $300 and member liability is $50.

Direct Deposit
We can accept Direct Deposit from any payroll source. We can even distribute your deposit between savings, sub savings and loans payments.

Payroll Deduction
Payroll Deduction is offered by Mercy Health System and their affiliates. Money can be held out of your check for deposits into savings, sub savings and loan payments.

Loan Services

We make loans for all different purposes. We offer the same great low rate on autos, motorcycles, boats, ATV’s and R.V.’s.

Obtaining a Home Equity Line of Credit is easy, just complete the application and we’ll take care of the rest. No closing costs, appraisal fees or application fees.

Miscellaneous Products

Online Banking
Bank 24 hours a day 7 days a week from work, school or on vacation.

Money Orders
American Express Money Orders are $1.50 each and can be purchased for a maximum of $1000.00.

Teller Checks
Credit Union issued checks that can purchased with cash or guaranteed funds. Can be purchased for any amount and are $1.00 each. Stop payments can not be placed on Tellers Checks for 90 days.
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